During the Youth Magazine Show over the weekend, Honourable Paulino Lukudu, Minister of Information, Central Equatoria State, pledged to ensure his ministry and the other ministries in the State have media presence and provide vital information on their websites and other online  platforms as currently this is not the case. 

“A high number of the young people who make 72% of the general population in the country  use the internet, if we want to engage with them, we need to be where they are”,  he added.

While the Commissioner of Juba County Mr, Charles who was on the show too promised to curb crime in the county and ensure privatization of garbage management in the county which according to him is a big issue especially in the city.

Mr. Charles, Juba County Commissioner

The two government officials are among the young people who have made it to government offices in the latest appointments and attracted support from youths across the country who believe it’s their time to serve the country.

When questioned why they think their tenure in office will be different from other politicians, who will make promises and won’t deliver, Honourable Lukudu said, “Young people in leadership have delivered across the world because they have a life and future. As a youth I can think of what I want the country to be like in 20 years, and I want to work to see that comes to pass. If we aspire to progress, we need to deliver now”.

Paulino further called upon the young people to work together for the betterment of the state and the country.

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